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Junior online league

Unfortunately, in the time of the coronavirus, the activity of Go circles is suspended indefinitely. For that reason, the Czech go association decided to create a project that will be independent of clubs and offer participants a structured development in the game of go.


We have prepared an internet go league for our young pupils. The main purpose is contact with go and fun. At the same time, this project offers the possibility of developing skills, thanks to lessons from strong players.

For more information, seeConditions of acceptance,Lecturers.

  1. At the beginning, the juniors fill out a questionnaire, on the basis of which they are divided into groups.

  2. Lessons take place in small groups (approximately 5 juniors). Lesson time is 60 minutes.

  3. A weekend tournament will take place during the Junior Grand Prix (compulsory participation).

  4. The Junior League cycle currently lasts 5 weeks.

  5. Communication between the children and the lecturer takes place through the 'discord' platform.

  6. The games for the tournament take place on the game server 'OGS'.

  7. Both platforms are very intuitive and if children have not yet encountered them, they will quickly get used to them. :-)

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