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The cottage has a large range of sports equipment (ball sports, badminton, table tennis, etc.).  There is also a pool right next to the cottage where children can swim. A lot of social and team games are prepared for the juniors, including an all-camp competition.


Go, Go, Go!

You can definitely look forward to a good dose of Go. Either in the form of tsumego, lessons, concentration training or incorporating part of it into other activities. :-)

Team Talk

All camp game

Yes, there will be an all-camp game this year. New and proven team games await us with lots of fun! 


On Wednesday, we will have a different program from the other days. We'll take a break from Go for a while and head to the rope center on the nearby Plešivci hill.

Compass & Map


One of the main events will also be the well-known orienteering run. Children always run in pairs. In addition to Tsumego, there are also tricky questions lurking at the stations.



Right at the beginning of the training camp, a "welcome tournament" will take place, where the children will be able to write down their games and, if necessary, have them comment on them during the lesson.


Chata Lesanka and its immediate surroundings offer a lot of sports equipment for free time. Therefore, it will also come to sports.

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