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Our team

We are happy to introduce you to our carefully selected and experienced lecturers! Each lecturer prepares teaching material directly tailored to his group of children. During the week, however, each of them will also visit the other groups at least once to diversify the program. Together with them, other organizers ensure the smooth course of the concentration, of course. Below you may read more about us.


Lukáš Podpěra 7-dan

Lukáš has been playing go since he was seven years old. His big dream is to become a professional player.  The multiple champion of the Czech republic successfully represented the Czechia at many world and European championships. He spent almost a year of his life on study tours in Asia, where he gathered valuable experience from go masters and is now ready to pass it on to our juniors.



Michal Timko 3-dan

Michal met go for the first time in 2012. The game completely absorbed him from the very beginning, and by combining intensive training with playing, he was able to develop himself to the given level. His biggest achievements so far are two seventh places at the national championship. When teaching, he will use his experience not only from leading school groups, but also from individual teaching. Michal focuses mainly on contact fighting techniques.



František Čáha 1-dan

Go has been a hobby for Fanda for ten years. As a junior, he participated in several European championships. He has recently started teaching beginners and is ready to tailor a plan for his group. He also has experience in coaching futsal team, which can be playfully applied even when teaching go.


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Jitka Bártová 2-dan

Jitka was absorbed by the world of go at the age of fifteen. She has represented the Czech colors many times at European and world championships, especially in pairs go, but also in the categories of students and women. When teaching children, she will apply the experience gained through pedagogical and promotional activities in the field of music.



Jana Hricová 2-kyu




Main organizer

Tomáš Grosser 3-dan

Tomáš was introduced to the game of go as a ten-year-old already in 1988. He once won the youth, pairs and teams championships. He was between top sixth at the adult championship in 2005. In the past, he led several children's go clubs, and for many years was the editor-in-chief of the Czech go association magazine and lastly aslo a member of its executive committee.

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Adriana Tomšů 2-dan

Áďa found her love for go at the age of thirteen. She immediately became passionate about the game and began to improve quickly. She achieved success mainly in the women's and student categories, where she also managed to qualify for the World Championship. Recently, however, she is more interested in promoting the game or working with children and youth as a member of the executive committee of the Czech Go Association



Boris Dovčík 1-dan

Boris met Go by accident while watching the series. He became more interested in the game and gradually it became his great hobby. However, Go is not only a leisure activity for him, he also likes to help promote it, especially among children. Currently, for example, he is a co-organizer and lecturer at the go internet school for juniors in Slovakia.



Zuzana Králiková 2-kyu

Zuzka comes from a family where everyone plays go. She began to actively devote herself to it at the age of twelve. She represented Slovakia at the European Pairs Championship, where she once qualified for the World Championship in Tokyo. She enjoys working with children and has been organizing an Internet school for juniors together with Boris for the last year.



Dušan Jánsky 1-kyu

Dušan has been playing go since he was little. In the go club where he learned go, he now works as a lecturer. He will help with the organization of the games on site, but he will also be a student in the first group of juniors. Currently, he is also a member of the executive committee of the Czech Go Association and is passionate about creating new initiatives and forms of game promotion.

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Various forms of individual or corporate donations are nowadays key to the functioning of every non-profit organization. At first glance, it may seem that the contribution of an individual may not have a greater impact on the overall operation of the organization, but the opposite is true. Although financial aid is extremely important for any non-profit organization, it does not have to be primarily about sending a financial contribution. You can participate as a volunteer during the planning of the training, its promotion or directly at the venue as a member of our team.

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