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Conditions of acceptance

The main organizer of the Junior Online League is Dušan Jánsky.

To accept a junior, you need to send an application to e-mail or fill out our interactive registration form.



If you choose the e-mail option, please provide the following information:

As soon as possible, we will send you an e-mail confirming the acceptance/non-acceptance of your junior to the league.

After confirmation of acceptance, it is necessary to pay the amount of the adequate number of selected cycles after the invitation.

Payment information


Fio banka a.s
V Celnice 10, 117 21 Prague 1

Account number:2001135934/2010
IBAN:CZ03 2010 0000 0020 0113 5934

Czech go association, zs
ID: 47003073

Headquarters: Kaprova 42/14, Prague 1

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