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Our Lecturers

Michal Timko 3-dan

You could have registered Michal as a referee at the accompanying tournament of the Junior League, as well as at other important tournaments in the Czech Republic.

Michal has been playing Go since 2012. The game completely absorbed him from the very beginning, and through a combination of intensive training and playing, he was able to develop himself to the given level.

The biggest achievements so far are two seventh places at the national championship. When teaching, he will use his experience from school clubs and individual lessons. In the lessons, Michal will place great emphasis on contact fighting techniques.

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Anežka Bukovska 2-kyu

Anežka is 21 years old and a student at the Faculty of Education at the Charles University. She has also been working in a kindergarten for 2 years, which is also her hobby. She has been playing Go since she was 8 years old and still enjoys and fulfills herself playing go . You could catch Anežka at Go tournaments, which she regularly participates in.

Achievements in the game of Go include, for example, 3rd place at the MR Women's Championship, 3rd place at the Junior MR Championship, 3rd place at the Junior Team Championship, 2nd place at the Pairs Championship and soon participation in the Pairs Championship will also be added to them. Anežka is very much looking forward to seeing you!

Other lecturers. . .

We have other lecturers in reserve. It is possible that they will be added in case of a large number of registered juniors. We will keep their names secret for now.

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