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Tournament - Cycle 3

General information

General information about the tournament in the propositionshere.

Additional information for tournament participants below.

Tournament start:

  • The start of the tournament will take place at 8:30 a.m. on discord, in the voice channel #tournaj.

  • It's about to startmust arrive, because it will also serve as a verification of whether all registered people are present.


Information channels:

  • The draw will always be in the discord channel #aktualí-soupiska.

  • After the game is played, the winner is boundthe result of the gamereport to the tournament referee. And that with a short message to the channel #aktualí-soupiska.

Communication in case of problems:

  • If there is an issue during a round that needs to be discussed with a referee, please contact the referee via discord. The referee, possibly the organizer, will be online during the tournament.

Note: if the referee or the organizer were not available on discord, the parents have a telephone number for the organizer Dušan Jánský.

Tournament results:

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